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Fee Arbitration Rules


The LBBA Mandatory Fee Arbitration Rules are available for download as pdf at the link below:


Mandatory Fee Arbitration Rules

Forms for Arbitrators


Below are some forms and guidelines which may prove useful to you:


         Notice of Arbitration Hearing: Single Arbitrator or Panel Form 

         Findings and Awards: Single Arbitrator or Panel Form


         Submission Agreement (for when parties agree to binding arbitration)


         Withdrawal Form (for when petitioner wishes to withdraw from Arbitration without a Stipulated Award)

         Stipulated Award (for when petitioner and respondent have arranged a settlement)


Arbitrator Guidelines:

         Checklist of Duties

         Guideline Questions








Information sent to Parties


The information packets below are shared with both parties.


When Arbitrator is assigned:

          Preparing for the Hearing Packet


When Findings and Awards are mailed:

          Rights After Hearing Packet



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