2021 Election




For terms beginning January 1, 2022
President Elect

Candidate: Bill Artigliere

Vice President 

Candidate: Mercedes Rezai


Candidate: Rudie Baldwin



Johan Deprez

Randall Fudge

David Haberbush

Stephanie Dixon

Chris Lahera

Reba Birmingham

Daniel McDonald

Paul Bent

To participate in this election:

Long Beach Bar Association members eligible to vote should receive a ballot included with their annual dues renewal notice sent at the end of November. If you did not receive the renewal notice, or did not receive a ballot included with your notice, please contact our office.


Voting closes at midnight December 15th, 2021. In order for your vote to be counted we must receive your ballot before that time. Ballots may be returned by mail , scanned in and returned electronically to director@longbeachbar.com, or you may complete an e-ballot by logging into the new member management system.


While nominations for additional candidates are not being taken at this time, every open position on the ballot does allow for write-in candidacy. 


Please contact our office should you have any questions regarding the election process.