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Mentorship Program

The LBBA is launching a new mentorship program this year for new attorneys who would like to be paired with more experienced attorneys for career development advice and to help ease the transition from law school's theoretical focus to real world practical implementation. 


Please fill out the forms below to sign up to become a Mentor or a Mentee.

There are no age or years of practice restrictions on the "Mentor" or "Mentee" categories. Please fill out whichever application you think best suits your needs. You may participate in the program both as a mentor and mentee if you would like to, but please fill out both applications. 


This program is not intended to be time consuming. The time committment required to participate is limited to checking in with your match on a monthly basis and meeting as you both see fit. Your experience is meant to be what you make of it. Each pair is likely to have different reasons for participaitng and will be interested in engaging at different levels. 


The Mentorship Program has launched as of January of 2016. 


Please encourage your fellow LBBA members to participate in the program so that there are enough mentors for interested new attorneys. 


Thank you for your participation!

Mentorship Programming Committee

We are currently recruiting for our Mentorship Programming Committee.


The Committee will organize events approximately every other month for mentorship participants to network or engage with topics that are of particular interest to them. 


If you designate in the forms below that you are interested in participating in the Mentorship Programming Committee, you will  be contacted with more information. 


Thank you for your interest in developing this great new program!

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