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Fee Arbitration Rules


The Arbitration Committee of the Long Beach Bar Association oversees mandatory fee arbitration proceedings in accordance with rules approved by the California State Bar.


You may download a copy of the rules (in Adobe PDF format) by clicking on the link below:


Mandatory Fee Arbitration Rules

Fee Arbitration Forms


The Arbitration Commitee of the Long Beach Bar Association has created standardized forms for attorneys participating in mandatory fee arbitrations, whether as a party or as counsel to a party.


You may download copies of the most recent forms (in Adobe PDF format) by clicking on any of the links below:


Notice of Client's Right to Arbitration


Request for Fee Arbitration


Attorney's Response to Request for Arbitration


Consent to Attorney's Request for Arbitration


Notice of Stay of Proceedings


Request for Waiver or Reduction of Arbitration Filing Fee

Rules for Voluntary Fee Mediation

*Please ship your documents to us via USPS*


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