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Sections and Committees


The activities of the Long Beach Bar Association are carried out primarily through its many sections and committees. The LBBA committees provide many opportunities for members to participate in nearly any kind of professional, social, or community that is of most interest to them.


The LBBA sections and committees which are currently active are listed below.  Please contact the LB Bar Association office for more information about participating in the LBBA sections or committees.


Scroll down to see the full list and descriptions of committees, or click on a section or committee below. 


Admiralty Section


Civil Litigation Section

Criminal Law Section

Family Law Section

LGBTQ Attorneys and Allies

Probate & Estate Planning Section

Workers' Compensation Section

The committee serves the California State Bar by hearing Attorney/Client Fee Dispute Arbitrations, as mandated by Business & Professions Code Section 6200, et seq.  Predicated upon the amount in dispute, and an election of the parties to either binding or advisory arbitration, the arbitrations will be heard by a single arbitrator (appointed by the Arbitration Committee Chair) who practices in the same area of law applicable to the subject dispute or, alternatively, by a panel of three arbitrators that includes one non-attorney member.


Current fee arbitration rules and forms for submitting matters to the Arbitration Committee are available by clicking here.

Arbitration Committee

Community Outreach Committee

The committee is responsible for bridging the gap between the public and the attorneys.  There are numerous programs in the community  which the committee staffs and in which it participates, such as Law Day in May and the Long Beach Court Counseling Program on the third Tuesday of each month, providing free legal counseling to the public.


This committee observes and aids in the operation of the courts of the Long Beach area and of the Law Library, makes recommendations to the Board of Governors, and acts as an interface between the Long Beach bench and the Bar Association.


Courts Committee

Legislative Committee

The members of this committee represent the Long Beach Bar Association at the California State Bar Conference.  This committee has the dual functions of initiating and coordinating the proposal of new resolutions to be sponsored by the Long Beach Bar Association, for submission to the State Bar Conference of Delegates, and reviewing the large number of resolutions proposed by other bar associations and lawyers' clubs for the purpose of formulating positions to be taken by the LB Bar Association when such resolutions are voted upon by the Conference of Delegates.

Lawyer Referral Service Committee

This committee adminsters the Lawyer Referral Service sponsored by the Long Beach Bar Association.  The committee meets quarterly and otherwise as needed.  It is responsible for reviewing and acting upon Service membership applications; implementing State Bar required procedures; reviewing consumer responses to inquiries regarding the Service; and developing publicity for the program.

The members of this committee assist in arranging the programs offered during this one-half day event, usually scheduled for a Saturday in October of each year.


MCLE Super Saturday Committee

The focus of this committee is to pair current bar members with new or prospective members.  Each committee member serves as a "liaison" to contact new members and arrange meetings at upcoming Bar Association events to facilitate introductions to other members of the bench and bar, making new members feel welcome.


Membership / Member Relations Committee

The committee works closely with the Long Beach Bar Association President to develop programs for the monthly general membership meetings and meetings with other professional groups.  The committee in involved in the planning and finding of speakers for each event.  This committee's work usually begins in the fall of each year.

Program Committee

This committee will develop a new pro bono program sponsored by the Long Beach Bar Association.

Pro Bono Committee

The committee reviews scholarship applications from local high school seniors.  The committee then picks the top students and personally interviews each one.  The committee is also involved in raising money for scholarships and allocating the money raised to each student.  Sholarship awards are presented to students at the annual LBBA Scholarship Awards Dinner in May.

Scholarship Committee

The committee plans the annual LBBA winter seminar and ski trip.

Ski Trip / Winter Seminar Committee

Youth and Law Committee

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The committee coordinates law-related activities pertaining to youth in our community, including providing speakers for local schools and other functions.

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